Who Am I?

The short answer is ‘I am not sure, but I am still working on finding out’.

Direction and Interests

I do not have a specific direction, so far I have produced furniture, sculpture and combination of both, i.e. functional sculpture that is usable as furniture. I make whatever takes my interest at the time.


The materials I use range from wood and steel to discarded items like old wind surfer, disused computer components and 1000 other things I have not even thought about.


I am inspired by woodworkers who turn a piece of raw timber into a stunning piece of furniture.
I am inspired by a stonemason who builds a house that looks like something from a fairytale.
I am inspired by instrument maker who produces instrument that is perfect in its proportions.
I am inspired by a traditional bread baker whose loaf of bread tastes like one could live on it without having any other food.

And then there is Salvador Dali.


Everything I make, need to be aesthetically pleasing. Regardless of whether the observer finds the work appealing or not, another words, whether the viewer 'likes it' or not, I want to, at least, create appreciation in the viewer's mind, that a degree of skill went into making of the exhibit.


• Science
• Human psyche
• Time, and visual means of representing it
• Feathers
• Musical instruments
• Fish scales